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Advance Topics

E-mafl Software That Sends Text as HTML

If your email software is set up to send formaffed text to SwissFax as HTML .SwissFax E-mail to Fax will not try to put your text on a cover page, since doing so would potentially change its formaffing. If you want to preserve addressing information on your cover page, you have two choices:

1. Put your addressing information in the email text itself. It will appear in your email on the receiver's fax machine exactly as you typed and formaffed it. Or,

2. Change your email software's preferences seffings to send only plain text to

When you do this, your email text will appear on your cover page, but it will be without some of the advanced formaffing your email software allows you to use with your typed text, like multiple typestyles and font sizes, and so on. In no event will the formaffing of any documents you attach to your email be changed!

E-mail Software That Sends in Microsoft Rich-Text Format

Some older email software may be set up to send emails using Microsoft's proprietary Rich Text Format (RTF) . Note that this is different from Revisable Text Format, a common word processing document format. Although E-mail to Fax has no problems faxing wordprocessing documents in RTF (Revisable) format when you attach them to your message, E-mail to Fax does not support the MS- RTF (Revisable) format used by some email software.

You can, however, change the behavior of your email software, through its options or preferences, to send regular email instead of MS- RTF email to Again, changing this setting applies only to the way the email is encoded for transmission to, not to any attached documents you send.


E-mail Software That Sends Using UUencoding

Some email software can be set up to send attach documents to emails using "UUencoding". E-mail to Fax works with the widely adopted MIME standard for attaching documents, as do most Internet email programs; the UUencoding alternative is not supported.

If your email software uses UUencoding, you may be able change it to send attachments using MIME encoding to instead, through its options or preferences.


Sending email Attachments from a Macintosh

Macintosh email software typically sends attachments in a format called binhex. E-mail to Fax will understand and fax Microsoft orrice for Mac (to version 5.1), HTML, and simple text attachments which are binhex-encoded by most Mac email software programs. a these, HTML, text, and Word are the most reliable. If your email software supports "AppleDouble" format, you should use it instead of binhex.

Note: Not all Mac email software identifies AppleDouble or binhex attachments within your e-mail message to the same way. Unfortunately, at this time Swissfax cannot guarantee that the above Mac document types will work successfully in all cases.

Microsoft Outlook 98, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger; and Lotus Notes version 5, for example, can be set up to send e-mail in HTML format to some of your recipients. Microsoft Outlook 97, for example, can be set up to send e-mail in MS RTF to some of your recipients.

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