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Usage Tips

Faxing multiple worksheets from the same Excel file

You can select which sheets from an Excel workbook you want to fax. E-mail to Fax will fax the sheets you have selected as of the time the document was last saved, or as of the time you emailed it directly from within Excel using File ---- Send To=== from the MS Excel menu.

To select more than one sheet for faxing, click on the sheet's tab at the boffom of your screen with your mouse. Then, hold in SHIFT and click on another tab to select all the sheets between the first and the last. Or, hold in CTRL and click on individual tabs: That will select each sheet individually as you click on it. Sheets will be faxed in the order they appear in the Excel file. "Hidden" sheets will not be faxed.

Note: Every Excel workbook always has at least one selected sheet, which is usually the "active" sheet.

Microsoft Excel formatting tips

If you do not specify a specific format for dates, E-mail to Fax will use the US default format when converting your document to a fax (for example, Miaosoft Excel under US date seffings displays dates in MM(DDIYY format, not DDIMM(YY as is common in some countries). E-mail to Fax will also use English month and day-of-week names. If you wish to ensure that dates appear in a specific format or with specific local-language day and month names, it is suggested that you enter dates as text values, by prefacing your date value strings with a single-quote

Sometimes, the width of a column on the screen is suffident to display all the numbers in a cell, but when printing to your printer, the numbers come out as something like 'w#m-r'. This is because the printer driver on your PC is not able to fit all the digits into the cell's available space on the printed page - but the screen driver is. When E-mail to Fax converts your spreadsheet to a fax, the same things can be occur if you're not careful. You should do two things to avoid the Wmmmr effect:

1. Make sure you Eew your document in Print Preview mode before faxing and all the values appear correctly

2. Allow for a little extra space in your numeric columns, since fax machines are, by defination, a liffle less precise than laser printers, particularly wth small type sizes.


Dates and times in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Gifice macros and calculations

If you use a formula referring to the current date and time, such as the Microsoft Excel formula "NOW()", the value used for the purpose of converting your document to a fax is based on United States Eastern Time, which is GMT -5 hours. If you wish to eliminate any dependencies in your document on current US Eastern Time, please convert calculated dates and times to actual date and time values.

Note: The date and time which appear on your fax's cover page addressing banner and in delivery confirmation messages sent to you by the SwissFax Network are all in GMT (Greenwch Mean Time), a global timekeeping standard.



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