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How to use email to fax service

Advanced Cover Page Personalization

Personalized To: Line

You can provide a recipient's real name to be included on a E-mail to Fax fax cover page in place of his or her fax number. Here's how:

On the "To:" line in your email software, address the email to faxnumber/
For example: TO: 1-732-906-1113/

Note: Underscores (- ) are replaced by spaces on the fax.
On the actual fax cover page, the "To:" field will display
To: RoyHinkley
(the underscores are removed) instead of Roy's fax number.
You can use up to 69 characters, including the underscores.

Personalized From: Line

You may specify your real name for the From: field on a E-mail to Fax cover page instead of your Internet email address.
On the 'To:" line of your email software, address the email to faxnumber/

You can use the /TO= and /FR= features together:
TO: 17329061113/TO=Roy Hinkley/FR=Dawn

Note: Underscores (- ) are replaced by spaces on the fax.
On the actual fax cover page, the "To:" and "From:" fields will display
To: RoyHinkley
From: Dawn wells

Note: Some symbols can interfere in the routing of emails in general, and you should not use them in your "To: "line (except as shown above, or as part of the address).
These includes:

@ [at] ~ [tilde] % [percent]
( [left paranthesis] ) [right paranthesis ; [semicolon]
> [greater than] < [less than] ^ [caret]
[ [left bracket] ] [right bracket] ! [exclamation]
\ [backslash] / slash   [space]
. . [dot or period]        

Accounting / Billing / Chargeback Codes

If you have a need to supply an acoounting client, or other code for billing or reporting purposes when sending a fax, you may specify it in the "To:" line by addressing your email to:

where "MYACCOUNTCODE" is the code for your fax. If you address the same email to multiple fax recipients, each can have his/her own separate accounting code assigned.

The code can be up to 16 characters long. It must be composed of letters and/or numbers, but it may include dashes and underscores.

The code wiIl appear on your swissfax billing statement, including a subtotal for the code. The code will not appear on your cover page.

Note: You can provide any combination of /TO= and /FR= (see above) and /AC=, in any order, as long as you put them all between the fax number and "".


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