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How to use email to fax service

Troubleshooting E-mail to Fax

My messages am not being accepted by the SwissFax Network... or...

I get Email notices saying I am not a negistened user...
I get Email notices saying my "trial" use of Email to Fax has elapsed...
I get Emafl notices saying my 'PIN' is missing or invalid
I get Email notices saying my SwissFax service is "denied"...

The SwissFax Network requires that your email address be registered (and in good standing) to send a fax through E-mail to Fax.

If PIN is turned on for your account, you also have to place a SwissFax security PIN subject portion of your email message, If either condition is not met, you wiIl receive an email notice indicating why your message could not be processed and providing contact information at SwissFax for assistance. If you are a corporate subscriber, please contact your SwissFax service coordinator, or email, fax, or messaging administrator directly prior to contacting SwissFax.

In some cases, a person's receving email address is different from his or her sending e-mail address - often wthout their knowledge. Your email system may be substituting one for the other on outgoing messages. The solution in this case is discussed in the I get intermittent e mall notices saying I am not a registered user... topic below.







I get intermittent email notices saying lam not a registened user...

On some email systems, your email address can be changed by your mail server, on your outgoing emails only, wthout your knowledge. For example, your email address for receving email may be but, when your email system sends e-mail, you may become one of,, or, and so on. rare cases, you may become all of them at different times, based solely on how your email system has been set up.

Because E-mail to Fax requires any sender's email address to be preregistered with SwissFax before your messages can be processed, it may be that one (or more) of your sending email addresses has been registered, but others have not.

You can find out what email address(es) SwissFax sees when you send emails by sending an email message to


No content or subject is necessary in your message. SwissFax wiIl immediately send you a return email message identifying the email address which appeared in the "From:" line of your message

You may wish to send several messages to, to see if your e mail system is supplying different email addresses in a round-robin or other periodic or randomized fashion. If the email addresses which SwissFax sees in your emails differ from the one(s) you registered or which were registered for you by your corporate email, fax, or messaging administrator), SwissFax will reject the messages coming from the unregistered addresses.

You can register additional email addresses through SwissFax customer support or, if you are a corporate subscriber, through the internal SwissFax services coordinator in your company.

Tip: SwissFax customer support can define one of your email addresses as the destination for all notices and messages coming back to you from the E-mail to Fax service, regardless of which registered email addmss appears in the messages you send to E-mail to Fax.


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