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How to use email to fax service

Troubleshooting E-mail to Fax

My document is missing certain graphics...

It is possible to place graphics and other "objects" in documents like Microsoft Word and Excel in two ways: embedding, and linking. Embedding means the object is actually saved with, and part of, the document itself.

Linking means the object is not stored with the document, but is "called up" every time you view and print the document. Typically, you "link' to objects which are on your own PC or your company's network. If any graphics or other objects in your document are "linked" instead of"embedded," E-mail to Fax will try to retrieve them -from your hard drive or your company's network - and will, of course, be unable to do so successfully.

To correct this, you need to view your document's links and "break' them. In Microsoft Cffice programs, for example, this is acoomplished from the Edit menu. Select Links highlight all the links in the document, and then push the Break Link buffon





My web page (HTML document) is missing certain graphics...

When E-mail to Fax composes your web page for faxing, it needs to know the exact location (URL) on the world wde web or your intranet for each component of your web page, such as the graphics and image files that your page references.

This is acoomplished through absolute references to such files in your web page. That is, references made like this: (an absolute path), instead or this:
re.gif or this: ..images/re.gif (both relative paths).
For your web page to appear "correctly' on the receiving fax machine, it is important that all references to images and other files, whether the files dwell on the world wide web or on your own intranet, are specified as absolute paths or URLs. otherwise,

E-mail to Fax will not be able to retrieve the image and graphics files needed to complete the page, and only the text portions will appear on the receiver's fax machine. Note: The layout of the page will stay the same, but the graphics and images that cannot be located will be replaced by empty rectangles or placeholder icons.

If your page's images are stored on your intranet, they have to be publicly available as well, or else E-mail to Fax wiIl not be able to retrieve them to fill out the page correctly.

Tip: If you send a web page through E-mail to Fax using Microsoft Internet Explorer's Send this Page as E-mail option from the MSIE File menu, MSIE will try to convert the web page's relative references to absolute references for you automatically, in versions 4.0 and up.


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