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How to use email to fax service

Troubleshooting E-mail to Fax

I get a cover page when I'm sending attachments only, and no text..

There are two likely causes for this. First, if your email appends an automatic signature file to the text portion of your email messages, it may be triggering E-mail to Fax 'a automatic cover page generator. You wiIl need to turn off autoinsertion of signature files and v-cards, if you want E-mail to Fax to avoid generating a cover page

Second, some email software automatically adds the filenames of your attachments to the body of your email text, typically without your knowledge. If your email softwam does this, the presence of the attachments' filenames in the text portion of your message will trigger an automatic E-mail to Fax cover page. If your email software allows, you can solve this by seffing the preferences or options in your email software to stop filenames from being added to your email's text.




My cover page text appears without a cover page header &footer, or addressing banner.

If your email software is set up to send formaffed text to as HTML, E-mail to Fax will put your text on a separate cover page by itself, as-is, since placing it onto the standard E-mail to Fax cover page would potentially change its formaffing.

If you want to preserve addressing information m your cover page, you have two choices:
1. Put your addressing information in the email text itself. It will appear in your email on the receiver's fax machine exactly as you typed and formaffed it. Or,
2. Change your email software's preferences settings to send only plain text to (HTML case), or singlebyte text (double-byte language case). When you do this, your email text will appear on the standard E-mail to Fax cover page, including your fax's addressing information, but your text may lose some of the advanced formatting your email software allowed you to add to your typing, like multiple typestyles and font sizes, and so on.

Microsoft Outlook 98, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger; and Lotus Notes version 5, for example, can be set up to send e-mail in HTML format to some of your recipients.


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