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How to use email to fax service

Troubleshooting E-mail to Fax

My Excel ffle faxes with some numbers replaced by pound signs (####)

This result oocurs when the columns in your Excel file are not quite wide enough to hold all the digits of a number, given the precision with which a fax machine is able to align the digits to the available black and white dots on a fax page. This problem is morn likely to occur when columns are packed tightly and the size of the font you are using is small.

This can also happen because you have selected a font which is not present in the SwissFax network, and the font which E-mail to Fax substitutes for yours causes a number to exceed the available space in its column.

To correct both problems, add to the width of the affected columns and send your Excel file again. It may help to preview the document in Print Preview mode (available from the rile menu, in most cases).

Note: A print preview of what will be printed on your local laser printer is not guaranteed to represent exactly, as far as this problem is concerned, what will appear on the receiving fax machine. But it wiIl provide you with a reasonable first approximation.




My documents font aren 't coming out right... .

If your document references a font which is not installed in the SwissFax Network, E-mail to Fax will affempt to substitute as similar a font as possible, based on rules built into V\flndows, Microsoft office, and all the other software that performs document-conversion within the SwissFax Network.

The extent of similarity may vary based on just which font(s) you are using.
There are four potential solutions:
1. Allow in advance for the font substitution effect, if you can
2. Embed your TrueType fonts in your document, if possible
3. Control the order and selection of substitute fonts in your document, if possible (typically, this is applicable only to HTML and web pages)
4. If you are a corporate subscriber to SwissFax services, you may request that SwissFax add your font to its supported fonts list. This is often possible, and it is available only to corporate subscribers of SwissFax services, and for a modest cost. If you are such a corporate subscriber, please contact the SwissFax services coordinator in your company to relay your font requirements to your SwissFax representative.


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