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How to use email to fax service

Troubleshooting E-mail to Fax

My fax took a long time before it was delivered..

Sometimes it may seem like a message you sent took a long time to get through to a fax
recipient, followed by delivery confirmation back to you. These are some key considerations:

The speed of your Email The first thing to find out is whether your email system, gateway,
or service provider "holds" messages, sending them out only on a predefined cycle. If so, then any message you send to will not be "released" to the Swissfax Network until your email system next connects to the outside world.

The same thing can be true regarding incoming confirmation notices from Your email system may not retrieve or deliver such messages to your inbox immediately, but may do soon a "duly cycle" which adds a certain level of delay to the confirmation process.

Both of these cases add to the time between sending your fax message and receving final
confirmation, and they can often be adjusted by the administrator of your email system.

The speed of receving fax machine
Second, although your email will leave your desktop at "Internet speeds," Swissfax is able to deliver it to the receiver's fax device only at the maximum speed of that device. Therefore, if you are sending a long document, it may take several minutes before SwissFax has finished transmiffing it to the receiver's fax machine.

The receving fax machine ability to receive.
Third, if the fax cannot be deliveredimrnediately For example, the receiving fax machine is busy SwissFax will wait a few minutesand try your fax again for you, automatically. The SwissFax Network will try for you several times before concluding that the fax cannot reasonably be delivered and sending you a non-
delivery notice via email.

The retry "schedule" used by SwissFax is designed to get you a final confirmation notice no later than 20-30 minutes after you sent your message, in a worst-case scenario.

The fax number you specify

Fourth, make sure the fax number is of the form country code +city/area code + number. Your fax may be misdirected if you omit the country code and/or city/area code, or if you include access numbers or any other extra numbers, like a leading zero, which may be used when dialing telephone numbers outside your local calling area.

The combination of these factors means that, while most fax messages, sent by most people onmost email systems, wiIl go through and be confirmed as delivered a couple of minutes from the time the messages are sent to, it may take longer.

Other factors. If you consistently experience any more extreme delivery times, and you know
your messages are quickly arriving from your email system or email service
provider, please contact SwissFax customer support to obtain further assistance. SwissFax


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