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How to use email to fax service

Troubleshooting E-mail to Fax

My fax does not go through to a fax number I know is working..

First, please be sure you are addressing the message to '" where 'faxnumber" is in country code+city-code+fax-number format, as described in the Appendix. The country code for the US, Canada, and Caribbean is 1

Second, please be sure the fax number is still valid; country codes, and more often city and area codes, are frequently changed.

Third, refer to your SwissFax non-delivery notice for the fax. These notices are generated when SwissFax has tried to send your fax several times in your behalf and still could not get it through. If you did not receive such a notice, you should verify that your email reached successfully.

Fourth, receiving fax devices are sometimes busy, out of service, or otherwise unable to answer. Swissfax wiIl try several times to get your fax through, and in different ways, to maximize the odds of success.




I need help regarding a non-delivered fax...

'SwissFax' non-delivery notice, which you receive in your email inbox when SwissFax is unable to deliver your fax in a reasonable period of time, due to a persistent busy signal or non answering number, for example, explains why the fax could not be delivered and provides the latest SwissFax contact information and hours for obtaining support.

Information on the customer support resources available to you may be found in the Appendix.


Fax Number Format for ""
The "To: " line of your email must contain the destination fax number plus ''
Precede the local fax number with the country code and area or city code.

To the United states, Canada, and the Caribbean

Use an 11-digit number:
1 + (3-digit area code) + (7-digit local number) +
You may include dashes in the number.
For example, the complete fax number for a fax being sent to New York City, USA could be:

To all Other Countries
Faxes to all other locations must be of the form:
(country code) + (city code) + (local number) +
International access codes (such as 011 in the United States) should not be used.
For example, the complete fax number for a fax being sent to Tokyo, Japan could be:


RFC2304 Adressing Option

If your organization addresses electronic messages according to Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Request for Comments (RFC) draft standard no.2304 (RFC2304), you can use that addressing approach wth E-mail to Fax.

Example: For a U.S., Canadian or Caribbean fax number, you may address as follows:

When faxing to all other countries, start the number with the appropriate country code. A fax to Tokyo, Japan, might be


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