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Attachment Guide

E-mail to fax: & attachments

Swissfax -- e-mail to fax

Enables you to send faxes through your e-mail. E-mail to fax means you send an e-mail and the recipient receives it as a fax. The whole of e-mail that is to say text entered in the body of the e-mail and attachments both are delivered to the recipient as a fax in the attachments Swissfax supports Word documents, Excel documents, images, rich text formats, PDF, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, etc are complete list of this supportive comment is available on www.swissfax.com.

So, most of the format which is used in the office for that the conversion and distribution and editing is supported by Swissfax -- e-mail to fax. The piano which one should take while attaching the document should be that it should not be a temporary document of it should not even be a shortcut. Apart from the formats which are supported by Swissfax you can also request for the e-mail to fax facility a special format which could be considered by Swissfax.

When the document is attached or any other kind of file is attached in the e-mail to fax request of Swissfax; and you wish that only the document should be fax do not mention anything in the body of the e-mail. Also make sure that the format of the e-mail is a plain text format and not HTML text. If the format of the e-mail HTML, Swissfax e-mail to fax will transmit the additional page. If nothing is mentioned in the body of such HTML formatted e-mail message then a blank page is transmitted. If you wish that along with the attached file a separate page describing the material which you fax should be sent then you could simply and that the text in the body of the e-mail. Swissfax will transmit this text as an additional page with the text entered in it.

If there are no attachments, you wish only to send a simple e-mail to fax with text , then you could simply entered the text and send this fax as e-mail to fax. A special care should be taken in such a message when concluding any kind of graphics or images, most of the e-mail programs like outlook express Microsoft outlook etc do not images with the messages. There is a quiet probability that the image could be a shortcut too. The end result could be that your messages beach as a fax without any team-mate of a separate page course for the entire image.

Please note: Swissfax supports HTML formatted messages as well, in the above explanation please do not must understand that this fax e-mail to fax is not support HTML formats. The only into considered is that if you are not wish to send an additional page with your attachments the format of your e-mail message should be plain text format.

Font colour, font size, font type, font effect could be as per year choice. Users of e-mail to fax however should understand that the fax is transmitted would be only in a black or grey colour. A Complete guide is available here.Or visit www.swissfax.com Live Help is also available.E mail support support@swissfax.com

Necessary GidelinesAttaching Documents to be Faxed

You can attach documents to be faxed - as many as you want -just like you do when attaching documents to an email. SwissFax can fax more than fifty common types of documents. or course,
SwissFax can't fax every kind of document there is. And if we can't, we'll immediately send you an email message explaining why not, and what you might do about it. But there are a few things you can do to maximize your success:
1. Don't send password protected documents. The SwissFax Network won't be able to turn them into faxes, because it won't know your password to "print' them into a faxable format. 2. Don't send documents that ask for a user to input information when they are opened or printed. SwissFax won't be able to reply to unexpected "questions" your document asks.
3. Make sure that any graphics or files that are referenced in your document are embedded in the document - not just "linked to". If SwissFax receives a document in your email message that refers to a file or a picture or a graphic that only exits on your hard drive, we won't try to fax your document - there would literally be pieces missing!
4. The same goes for unusual fonts. If you use a font that SwissFax itself doesn't have, and the font isn't otherwise embedded inside your document, SwissFax wIl substitute a similar font if possible.

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