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provides email to fax services.E-mail to fax service includes fax, webfax, PC to fax ,Virtual fax.

E-mail to fax enables you to send fax through your email.You can now send International Fax from your Email to any Fax machine in the world , at just fraction of a cost of your regular charges. Add to it the benefit of saving time as well using state of the art technology deployed by SwissFax It is a Virtual fax fax & Pc to fax E-mail to fax Virtual Fax fax PC to fax fax to email fax service internet fax service online fax service webfax mail to fax mail2fax email 2 fax free fax trial

Virtual fax  PC to fax Email to fax e-mail
Virtual fax  PC to fax Email to fax e-mail  fax

email to fax ,fax to fax,fax to email virtual fax

Virtual fax  PC to fax Email to fax e-mail

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Broadcast Fax

you send email and it reaches as fax

Broadcast faxing with Swissfax email to tax service.

One Email Multiple Fax

Swissfax offers email to fax and in addition to that it offers broadcast fax. What is broadcast fax mean? Broadcast fax means: A Fax which is broadcasted to a group of recipients (fax numbers). Usually, companies need to send settlers, months ended statements, urgent notices to their members or associates. To serve this need Swissfax provides broadcast fax solution.

Export Marketing Tool

Exporters use broadcast fax to market amongst collected database. As compared to e-mail marketing fax marketing attracts more attention. Swissfax Email to fax service has enriched broadcast fax with features of mail merge. Broadcasts now personalised too. Below mention our instructions on how to send the e-mail to fax broadcast. Please note: at any point of time you need support please contact

A General Broadcast:

A General broadcast fax through Swissfax e-mail to fax has an identical procedure which is mentioned on how to use Swissfax Email to fax. Only a few changes have to be understood. In order to send a broadcast fax you have to first open a new mail message where in the TO : field you have to enter . In the SUBJECT : field of the mail message you have to enter broadcast followed by your P. I. N.. In the body of your e-mail message you have to enter all the fax numbers in the international format where you wish to send the broadcast. Please see the international format instructions included in the how to use Swissfax e-mail to fax page. Attach the document which you best to broadcast. Click send .

Swissfax will try the entire broadcast immediately and also retry in case of busy numbers or wise answers received on the fax numbers. On completion of entire broadcast transaction you will receive the delivery statement. Please note due will be charged only for the successful deliveries. However, your account would be charged for a broadcast service.

A Personalised Broadcast:

A personalised broadcast with Swissfax e-mail to fax service allows you to enter The Name of the Company, Contact Person Name, City, Country, in the fax message.
For example: If you wish to send a personalised fax to more than 200 people (fax numbers) and you wish that each person when they receive should get the fax message with their names and location on it. Then you had to use the personalised broadcast of Swissfax. It saves a lot of precious time.

The broadcast fax with personalised feel is provided to you by Swissfax Email fax. When you wish to send a personalised broadcast, create a new mail message adhering to the instructions in General broadcast fax above.
The document which you wish to broadcast should contain special characters which indicate the merger fields. For example Indian document very wish to insert the company name indicate the same by % C. N. and whether you wish to insert contact person name indicate the same by % NAME and if you wish to insert city indicate the same by % CITY. Please see below the fields which you can insert.

The document which you wish to broadcast (personalised broadcast) and contain the following characters:

% C. N. = company name
% NAME = contact person name
% CITY = city
% COUNTRY = country
% R. E. F. = your reference number
% fax = fax number
% tel = tel No
% Email = e-mail address

Please remember to attach a Microsoft Excel file which contains the data of the personalised broadcast fax.
The Excel file should contain the fields:
fax number, company name, city, country, contact person name. As your data should be made in this Excel file

At any point of time you need support on the year have any questions is paid back to










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