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Cover pages

f you type any text in your email message, the SwissFax Network wIl put it on a cover page, The cover page includes addressing information including the date, recipient, your email address, and the number of pages. The email text you typed appears right after the addressing section.

If you have a lot of text, it wIl continue on page 2.

Any documents you attach, like Microsoft Word or Excel files, wIl follow your email text, each document starting on a new page.

If you don't include any text in your email, then the cover page is skipped and the first page of the fax is just the first page of the first document you sent.

Take Advantage of your E-mail Address Book for Faxing

Use your E-mail Address Book to Store Fax Numbers With E-mail to Fax, you can use any existing email address book to store fmquently used fax numbers! Here's how:

1. Create an address book entry. Give it a distinctive name that tells you the message is going out as a fax, like "murlidharan's FaX'. That way, if "murlidharan" already has a traditional email address stored in your address book, the name "murlidharan's FaX' wlIl let you decide easily between sending to his fax number and to his email - or to both!

2. Type the person's fax number followed by "swissfax.com" as the email address. For example: "1-432-66666@swissfax.com"

3. When you want to fax to this person, just compose an email to their "Fax"email address. For example, send your email to "murlidharan's FaX' to reach his fax machine.

Note: Remember that the fax number must start with the recipient's country code and city/area codr Even if it's a local number.

Tip: You can send someone a fax to the fax number stored in your email address book and an email to their tegulaf' email address at the same time! Just put both addresses on your email's "To:" line.


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