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Systematics Reporting Structure

SwissFax has a systematic reporting Structure which lets you know the status and the reason and the remedy about the fax sent through E-mail to Fax.

Delivery Notice.

When you have a successful Transmission you receive a Delivery Notice or a Successful Fax Confirmation In this you get the date and time of Delivery to which number it has been delivered and the Number of Pages which were delivered

NON Delivery Notice

When you Fax is not delivered you receive aNON Delivery Notice / Fax failed .This will indicate the number which you had tried the date and the time and the reason why it had not been delivered.

Few of the times you would also receive the number of attempts made to transmit the fax via your e-mail .

Failure Notic

This type of Notice only comes if you have not registered your email Id with the swissfax network





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