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E-mail to Fax - How to use

Steps Overview

  1. Create an e-mail message.

  2. Add any attachments you would like to fax. We support most common image and document formats.

  3. Address the message to the recipient's CCACFN@swissfax.com
    [where CC = country code, AC = area code, FN = destination fax number]

    Faxing to the U.S.:

    (1) + (area code) + (fax number)@swissfax.com

    Eg: 12125551234@swissfax.com

    Faxing to India: (91) + (area code) + (fax number)@swissfax.com
    Eg: 912212345678@swissfax.com

    Faxing to all other countries:
    (country code) + (city code) + (local number)@swissfax.com

    International access codes (such as 00 in India) should not be used.
    For example, to send a fax to a Tokyo, Japan fax number a sample address would be: 81312345678@swissfax.com

  4. Send the e-mail. When the server receives your message, it is converted to fax and promptly sent to the destination number you specified. You will receive a delivery confirmation via e-mail.

If you need assistance, please contact SwissFax Customer Support
E -mail: support@swissfax.com

1. Any text mentioned in the body field of the message will be faxed as a covering page of the fax message, in addition to the attached files.
2. Please send the message in PLAIN TEXT format only.


Request a demo:

You can see the live demo of SwissFax of one page to any place in India. Preferably to check you can fax a page document to your own fax number.

To get demo click here

Deatiled User Guide

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